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Our work is founded on direct community engagement and capacity development. Though every project is as unique as the communities we serve, our team provides local leaders with targeted financial policy analysis and decision support processes. Our goal is to provide each community with the resources they need to make informed financing and policy decisions.

EFC has developed a reputation for providing local, state, and federal leaders with objective, balanced, and robust analysis on a variety of financing issues.Our work has informed debate across a wide array of issues including stormwater management financing, state-level water quality financing, and the appropriate application of environmental market financing systems.

Effective communications and outreach are essential for advancing local and state financing policies and programs. Our communications are designed to inform leaders on the importance of sustainability and resiliency in their lives and the role of natural resource and environmental protection in building robust and vibrant communities.

Education and leadership development are an essential component of university-based centers and programs; EFC is no exception. As a result, students are an especially important part of our projects and programs. Our students work side by side with full-time staff, developing practical policy development, community engagement, and financing experience.

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