Applying Asset Management to Stormwater: A Case Study in the City of Scranton

Stormwater Asset Management Training Days with the City
of Scranton staff and consultants (June 10-11th, 2014)

Project Summary

Building off prior work with the City of Scranton to provide long-term financing recommendations to support a comprehensive stormwater management program, the EFC is working with the City and the Scranton Sewer Authority on a stormwater asset management program assessment. The EFC is partnering with the Southwest EFC Director to engage her expertise in asset management. Through this effort, the EFC will assess the City’s current asset management framework in addressing both its combined sewer system and municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) and recommend ways to integrate and enhance water resource infrastructure investments for the City to adequately meet all stormwater regulations. 


City of Scranton, Scranton Sewer Authority, Lackawanna River Corridor Association


National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund’s Technical Assistance Program.

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For more information, contact Monica Billig at, 240.786.8664.