EFC Hosts Stormwater Financing Knowledge Exchanges in California

February 27, 2015


Photos from the California Stormwater Financing Exchanges (February 2015) 

The EFC, in partnership with EFC West and EPA Region 9, held three knowledge exchange sessions in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco during the week of February 8 that focused on sharing effective and innovative stormwater financing strategies and EFC UMD’s lessons learned throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as the local context in California surrounding stormwater financing. Attendees included municipal staff, regional and state water board representatives, EPA staff, engineers, consultants, and nongovernmental agencies. Each session proved a huge success due to the great turnout of attendees and the dialogue that ensued. EFC is pleased to begin collaborating more formally across coasts as a way of sharing knowledge of the challenges and successes surrounding local and regional stormwater financing efforts.

To view the East Coast/West Coast Knowledge Exchanges Presentation, click HERE

For more information on this effort, contact Brenton McCloskey at brenmc@umd.edu or Sarah Diefendorf at sdief1@gmail.com.