Environmental Financing Boot Camp


As environmental and conservation programs become more complex and commonplace across the region, local governments and locally based non-profits, play increasingly important leadership roles. These entities are the backbone of resource protection implementation efforts. However, to be more effective, many need assistance to either further develop their organizational capacity or to better realize their function in the broader context of implementation and financing of watershed protection. Many times communities are asked to do more with less, making efficient and effective financing strategies even more critical. To address this need, the EFC created the Enviornmental Financing Boot Camp in order to provide guidance to organizations on how to become better financial stewards while meeting environmental goals. 

The EFC offers one and two-day intensive Boot Camps that will walk participants through the basics and specifics of sustainable financing while tailoring to specific environmental issues. Core components will include: overview of financial terms, concepts, and tools; a program financing assessment; and assistance in determining costs and creating a realistic budget. 

Benefits of participation in our boot camps include: 


Detailed module offerings coming soon. Costs will vary depending on a variety of factors such as length of Boot Camp, research, location and venue.

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For more information, contact Brent McCloskey at brentmc@umd.edu or 301.405.8513.