Green and Healthy Schools

June 30, 2016


EPA-EFC booth at the 2014 Annual MAEOE Environmental Education Conference (left) and Pennsylvania Green and Healthy Schools Partnership Workshop (Fall 2013, right) 

Project Summary

Green and healthy schools promote a healthy learning environment to reduce absenteeism, improve academic achievement, enhance student and staff productivity, produce economic savings and reduce operating costs.  The entire school community and the community-at-large – students, teachers, administrative and facilities staff, administrators, parents, state agencies, non-profits, local businesses and governments – all play a role in a school’s progress toward becoming green and healthy.  While some schools and school districts are skilled at maintaining green and healthy environments, many others need assistance and improved access to resources to launch and/or support their green and healthy initiatives.   

Many organizations (federal, state, local, academic, and non-profit) provide targeted information on green and healthy schools topics (i.e. water conservation, asbestos and radon exposure, moisture control and mold, routine cleaning and maintenance, ventilation, pest control activities, and energy and water efficiency), but navigating the broad array of resources on these subjects can be daunting and represents a barrier and disincentive for highly burdened school administrators.  In order to create a clearer picture of the environmental health related programs, tools, and resources available to Region 3 schools to assist them in becoming green and healthy, the EFC compiled inventories of existing K-12 green and healthy schools efforts in each of the Region 3 states and the District of Columbia.


The Environmental Protection Agency

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* To download inventories, choose "Save File," then open as an Excel document.  Please note that all inventories contain both state and national resource tabs. 

♦ Maryland Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ District of Columbia Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ Pennsylvania Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ Virginia Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ West Virginia Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ Delaware Green and Healthy Schools Resources

♦ National Green and Healthy Schools Resources

For additional information or to inquire about adding updates to the inventories, please contact Medessa Burian at or 301.405.7371.