Maryland Clean Car Clinic Program


Project Summary

Marylanders drive 151 million miles a day and account for 30 percent of the emissions that contribute to the poor air quality in this region. Drivers can help reduce these harmful emissions by keeping their cars properly maintained. Even small measures, such as proper tire inflation and replacing air filters, can have a huge impact.

In an effort to educate the public on the benefits of keeping a vehicle well maintained, The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) implemented a Clean Car Clinic program in 2005. These free clinics provided motorists with the opportunity to have their vehicles inspected by an accredited automotive technician.  Motorists learned ways to maintain their cars to keep them running cleanly, thereby reducing costly repairs and extending the life of the vehicle.

MDE worked with the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) and Motor Transportation Services (MTS) at the University of Maryland (EFC) to expand the reach of the Clean Car Clinics. The clinic was a free service funded by MDE. A certified automotive technician from the University of Maryland Motor Transportation Services division conducted a non-invasive inspection, which included checking the tire pressure, belts and hoses, fluid levels, gas cap and other parts of the vehicle that could affect how efficiently it runs. The technicians did not make any repairs, but the vehicle owner was provided with a copy of the completed inspection form.


Maryland Department of the Environment & UMD Motor Transportation Services


Maryland Department of the Environment

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