Online Sustainability Community Development Course

Project Summary

The Environmental Finance Center and Institute for Governmental Service and Research at UMD collaborated to offer a new, free virtual course, Sustainable Community Development. This five-lesson course is designed for people who want to engage with neighbors and fellow residents through their local government to make their community a more sustainable place in which future generations can enjoy living, working, and playing. The course suggests practical, grassroots methods to plan, organize, evaluate, and adjust actions to advance community sustainability. It provides a path for Maryland’s municipalities to become certified as sustainable jurisdictions by emphasizing community-level decisions to solve sustainability problems. And for municipal residents of Maryland, the class provides an introduction to the EFC’s Sustainable Maryland Program.

Upon completion of the online course, you should be able to:

  • Define sustainable community development (SCD).
  • Identify opportunities for sustainability in local communities.
  • Understand the three overlapping systems involved in sustainable community development, and how they relate to each other.
  • Understand what local communities are doing about sustainability.
  • Identify resources to help municipalities plan for development.
  • Describe processes for initiating, managing, and evaluating sustainable development.
  • Understand how Maryland municipalities can become certified as sustainable jurisdictions.
  • Understand the benefits for a community to become Sustainable Maryland Certified.


View online course here.